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 Fort McDowell Fiesta Bowl Parade Information
The Fort McDowell Fiesta Bowl Parade is divided into four (4) staging times:

7:45 AM
8:15 AM
8:45 AM
9:15 AM

Staging takes place at the corner of Bethany Home and Central Avenue. Central Avenue is the main street in downtown Phoenix. This staging area is located in the parking lot of the North Phoenix Baptist Church.
Your designated PARADE SLOT will be finalized during the first week of December. You will be notified of this position when you receive your final FIESTA BOWL DOCUMENTATION that will be mailed to you the second week of December.
Upon arrival into the area, the lead coach will be stopped by a Fiesta Bowl official. These officials wear yellow blazers and have earned the nickname Yellow Coats.
Upon checking your band off as having arrived the Yellow Coat will direct your coaches to an unloading area
The Fiesta Bowl prefers to have you unload all equipment as soon as possible. It is preferred to have the coaches out of the area within approximately 10 minutes once the unloading begins. Please keep in mind that additional bands will also be unloading in the immediate vicinity, therefore and due to the number of coaches in the area, the Yellow Coats will want to move your coaches out of this area as soon as unloading is complete
You will have a designated Yellow Coat that will be assigned to and responsible for your band. He will be in charge of 1 marching band, 1 float and 1 equestrian unit. It is has job to coordinate these three (3) units into the Parade route at their designated time and in their correct spot.
Once the unloading has been completed all chaperones that will not be marching with the band will be required to get back on the coaches and proceed to the band de-staging area at the end of the parade route.
Once your band is on the Parade Route, your Yellow Coat will march with you. He will tell the Director to move up the pace or slow down the pace to keep the flow of the Parade.

IF A FLOAT BREAKS DOWN: your Yellow Coat will give your Director immediate instructions on what to do. In most cases you will NOT STOP and if at all possible continue on around the float. We certainly hope this will not be necessary.

If, for any reason, a student must drop out of the Parade route, there are first aid stations all along the route. A Yellow Coat will instruct you to the nearest station. It is advisable that a parent also drops with any student that must do so.
The first aid stations along the route are in communication with the MAIN COLLECTION POINT that is located at the very end of the Parade route. Any student that must drop out of the Parade will be brought to this MAIN COLLECTION POINT when the Parade ends. AGAIN, IT IS ADVISABLE THAT IF A STUDENT MUST DROP OUT, A PARENT ALSO ACCOMPANIES THAT STUDENT TO THE FIRST AID STATION.
Your band will be designate by the Fiesta Bowl as either an Orange or Yellow band. There will be signs along the route and based on your color when you see this sign (Orange or Yellow) you are required to play.

You may certainly play more often than that if you prefer!

The entire route once you step off from the beginning to the end is 1.7 miles.
At the end of the Parade route, there will be another Yellow Coat. This person will direct your band either left or right to the Band Destaging Area. At this area there will be a snack and plenty of water waiting for each student.
INFORMATION FOR: Chaperones That Will March Along The Route
The Fiesta Bowl will not allow any chaperones to march with the band in the television coverage area. This area STARTS APPROXIMATELY 3 BLOCKS SOUTH OF THE CORNER OF BETHANY HOME AND CENTRAL AVENUES AND CONTINUES TO MISSOURI AVENUE.
For those chaperones that will be marching with the band, it is very important that once the unloading is complete, you immediately leave and make your way South on Central Avenue.

As you will not be allowed to cross the Parade Route once the parade has started you will need to walk west on Bethany Home Avenue, cross Central Avenue and walk South on Central Avenue on the WEST SIDE OF THE STREET.

Note: in making your way South on Central Avenue, you will not be able to walk on the East side of the street due to the stands with reserved seats. Please make your way South on the West side of the

street. This will be the side with the television cameras. BE CAREFUL! There are a lot of electrical cables in the area.

Please make sure that you wear a shirt that identifies you as a member of the band. There will be a uniformed policeman at a barricade at this location (South side of Missouri Avenue) . Please tell him that you are a designated chaperone to march with the band. Once your band comes through this area he will move the barricade and allow you to enter the Parade route.
Any designated chaperones are allowed to march with the band through the Band Judging Area as a last line of the band.
INFORMATION FOR: Chaperones That Reboard The Coaches At the Beginning Of The Parade
Once these chaperones reboard the coaches, all coaches will go to the Band Destaging Area.
Once you are at this location, you can get off the coaches and walk up to the Parade Route. This is approximately a 1/3 mile walk.
All chaperones can then fill in along the route and see the band as they come by.

Note: WATCH FOR THE YELLOW OR ORANGE COLOR SIGNS! You will want to position yourself in the area that is the designated color for your band.

Once your band has come by you can then leave the Parade Route and return back to the Band Destaging Area to help with any assistance.
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